(Ab)normal structures

On cardiac ultrasound images are often seen structures in the heart or pericardium that can be mistaken for tumors or other diseases. Below an overview of normal cardiac structures that are common mistaken for other structures.



location of structures that can be visualized in the heart
Location "Abnormal" structures
Left atrium Coumadin ridge, ridge between Left pulmonary vein and LAA
Atrial suture line after heart transplant
Twisted LAA
Atrial septal aneurysm
Lipomatous hypertrophy of the atrial septum
Twisted descending aorta
Right atrium Christa terminalis (ridge between IVC and SVC).
Congenital valve residues (Eustachian valve, Chiari network, Band Thebesius).
Trabeculae in RAA.
Atrial suture line after heart transplantation.
Catheter, lines, pacemaker wires
Left ventricle Papillary muscles.
False tendon.
Prominent trabeculae.
High intentity transient spots at prostethic valves
Right ventricle Moderator Band.
Papillary muscles.
Catheter, pacemaker wires
Aortic valve Noduli of Arantius
Lambl's excrescences
Mitral valve Redundant chorda
Redundant valve tissue
Pericardium Epicardial fat
Fibrinous debris in chronic pericardial effusion



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