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This website is designed to bundle all normal values in echocardiography. It is intended for professional, fully qualified sonographers, cardiologists and physician assistants in cardiology to contribute to uniformity among users and institutions world wide. This site is developed at het echolab of OLVG hospital in Amsterdam. OLVG has an advanced echolab with multiple EACVI certified sonographers and cardiologists.


Most information on this site is based on the recommendations and guidelines published by the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging. Below every page you’ll find a link to the reference article of the information.

Most of the images and videos placed on this site are made and property of OLVG Hospital.

Jochem Landzaat

Since 2008 active as echocardiographer in OLVG Hospital. EAE/ESC accredited since 2010 and EACVI re-accredited in 2016. Also founder and administrator of (since 2013).